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Basic RiderCourse 2-License Waiver

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Basic RiderCourse 2-License Waiver (BRC2-License Waiver) is a unique riding curriculum offered through the West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Program (WVMSP) and qualifies as a West Virginia DMV License Testing Waiver.

Designed for individuals that are actively riding or have street riding experience, possessing some street riding skills.

  • 8-hour Course starts with an eCourse you complete online before attending in-person instruction. A link will be sent via email at the time of registration. 
  • On-motorcycle exercises designed to further develop your riding skills on your own motorcycle in a secure riding setting.
  • Riding exercises conclude with a skills test.
  • Students who possess a valid motorcycle permit and successfully complete the course may take advantage of the State Skill Test Waiver and receive their motorcycle endorsement.

In order to obtain your motorcycle license after training you must:

  • Bring your own (or borrow) a motorcycle/scooter and use it for the BRC2 riding range exercises.
  • Possess a valid West Virginia Motorcycle learner’s permit.
  • Possess a valid West Virginia State Driver License.
  • Pass the Basic eCourse Knowledge Test (on-line).
  • Pass a BRC2-License Waiver Skill Evaluation, as part of this course.
What you Need to Bring
  • A motorcycle. (If the motorcycle is not registered in the student’s name, then a notarized letter of permission to use the motorcycle in the training class must be provided from the registered owner).
  • Your valid Driver’s License.
  • A valid West Virginia motorcycles learner’s permit.
  • A valid motorcycle registration.
  • A valid motorcycle’s insurance card.
  • A DOT-compliant motorcycle helmet.
  • Eye protection (prescription eyeglasses, face shield or goggles).
  • A long sleeve shirt or jacket.
  • Full-fingered gloves.
  • Durable long pants without any holes or tears.
  • Over the ankle footwear (one inch above the ankle).
  • Rain gear. Classes run rain or shine.

Find a Basic RiderCourse 2 Near You

    WVMSP trains students at 6 permanent locations and several mobile locations across the state.